Переможці 2013

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D-2 Дизайн меблів

D-2-3   Privalov Andrey

The Martian Chronicles If the colonization of Mars - it is still in the distant future, the colonization of offices is under way for decades. The complex "Mars 2", created by me, is a successful combination of practicality and design. The table seems easier by supports, based on - the inverted letter "M" is easily transformed into «V»; if you put in a number of several such "Mars", even the closest room will look more spacious. The design of the table legs, thanks to a special slot allows you to connect chargers and other cables with no contact with the dust on the floor. But that's not all: the screen of artificial plastic imitation grass or any vegetation (which Mars is known to be lacking) make a personal desktop, you can create your own space without significant cost. "Mars 2" - a set of simple elements that turn an ordinary day into a celebration.