Переможці 2013

Best of

D-2 Дизайн меблів

M chair
D-2-2   inHvite design studio

This progect was shortlisted for a final judging in Singapore for reddot Design Award 2013. A laconic and restrained form of the M chair is both unusual and interesting. The plasticity of forms and graphics of lines is highlighted by restrained and simple materials. The seat of the stool is solved in unusual technique of shaping. It reminds tines or lattice that in the same time doesn't harm the comfort of the stool and it's erhonomic requierments. The back of the stool is designed with the spesial opening which helps carrying (transporting) it. It's recomended to use in public and residential interiors. The article is truly very aestetic and comfortable without exsessive and unnecessary details.