Переможці 2013

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D-7 Дизайн концепт (для нереалізованих проектів)

Optimal model formation for people with statodynamic disabilities
D-7-31   Н.Вергунова, С.Вергунов, О.Бойчук

The basic concept of the optimal model of transportation is complex and consists of two objects. The first object is for indoors that is a wheelchair, the second one is for street driving that is an individual vehicle. Wheelchairs must assure descent /ascent stairs climbing and overpassing other obstacles. These requirements are satisfied with «Galileo Wheel» construction of the wheelpair. Also, universality and multifunctionality of the wheelchair is due to its ability to transform to a different position states, so the spatial body shift is possible. For driving outside of premises, the individual vehicle capability of an arrangement of the disabled person together with a wheelchair in salon is necessary. The main function of the vehicle is moving on long distances. This developed by means of design optimal model of transportation for people with statodynamic disabilities will help to fully integration of a person with disabilities into the social life.