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D-7 Дизайн концепт (для нереалізованих проектів)

handl "Braille"
D-7-26   Наталя Давідіч

From data CARTFUL (To worldwide organization of health protection) now in the world count 37 million and about 125 million people blind people with uttery bad sight. Each 5 seconds on our planet the grown man goes blind, and every minute one child loses sight. These people need the special approach even in the use of the simplest everyday objects. The idea of handle of "Braille" consists in causing on the topside of the most widespread protuberant inscriptions (entrance, output, WC and else.) by Louis Braille font for the blind . The use of handle is supposed by a haptic contact, it gets user unique facility, not only to open a door but also inform a man with the limited possibilities where it will lead. This inscription can be perceived other as a dekormativnyy element, or massazher of hand. A form of pen is the bent pipe with the horizontally cut off half, not much zauzhennuyu to completion for comfort of capture.