Переможці 2013

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D-7 Дизайн концепт (для нереалізованих проектів)

D-7-13   Svetlana Savorona

The final concept of these toothbrushes was born because of semantic conflict aroud duality of relation to recycling. For better understanding of idea, I should tell the full version of story. Originally I was working with the goal to create a functional useful thing which will attract attention to the subject of recycling at the same time. With help of team I made research, collected huge number of needs & finally all gathered: form, sence & function. But then we realized that one nuance is losted! To the one hand we all want to protect nature. To the other - call upon the manufacturers to produce things from natural materials. Where is the real "eco"? Where is the right decision? In search of an answers, I decided to made a visualization, conduct a survey & to post a models of toothbrush on facebook . It was interesting to know how people will react to this theme. In the interview process, I learned a lot of useful comments, but most important - found the option how to exclude semantic conflict. It turned out that there are artificially created materials which are look like wood, but actually are eco-friendly (biopolymer). As a result, we produced prototypes of toothbrushes with help of 3D printer, and now in the process of ergonomics tests.