Переможці 2013

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D-8 Студентський дизайн

D-8-1   Bovkun Marina

The object is the place to seat, which is meant to be located in the waiting area in offices. Item can be self-sufficient decorative element in the interior of any office, and support the general concept of eco-office. The aesthetic appearance of the object is achieved by imitation of natural forms (hill and plain covered with grass) and the sun. The grass is presented by the green upholstery and the lamp serves as the Sun. The use of vegetation adds the beauty to the project. Form is concise, which is typical for ecological style of industrial design. Corners are rounded, making the item safe. The object is made of modern material - ecological plastic that can be reused. The sitting area is coated with the upholstery cloth . For lateral wall lamp used satinirovannaya glass. The created product can be recycled. The project consists of seating place, a couple of shelves to accommodate various printed products etc. lamp. The source of light is LED.