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A-14 Студентський дизайн

"In the Centre of the Worlds of Mine"
A-14-109   Олександра Корчевська

'A tale for one very special reader, and a parable for all the rest' — says the annotation to the book "In the Centre of the Worlds of Mine" by Oleh Kulikov. The plot revolves around Vie — a girl who is constantly saving our planet. And she is doing it in the most fascinating way: Vie creates new worlds, using the Chaos as her building material. To create is to turn Chaos into Order. That's why Vie is called an Ordinator. And as every creator, Vie has her own connection with her brainchildren — dreadlocks, that she makes every time a new world is created. But things are not so simple. To maintain balance and to prevent Chaos from building up, Vie has to visit every world from time to time. Her friends, who moved to other worlds, constantly ask Vie to stay with them. And though she often wants that, it's impossible. And endless journey — that is her price for a limitless creation. But one day Vie fails. One of the worlds, long forgotten, long abandoned, threatens to ruin all of them. What used to be a safe haven years ago, is now the source of danger. So Vie needs to face and accept a painful truth — she, who has a power to create, is obliged to destroy. And as a sign of her acceptance, Vie finally cuts off a dreadlock. This illustrated book was created as a personal gift for a significant social activist, whose life revolves around creating new projects and ideas. But as all of us, she often suffers from the weight of her responsibilities. So the book was designed to be a sort of artistic reliver: in the form of a tale it depicts real psychological processes, that happen to a person under the weight of so many tasks and thoughts — and represents the idea, that some of those should be left behind for good.