Переможці 2015

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B-9 Student Design

Space like an ocean
B-9-6   Корчевська Олександра

Cosmos and ocean are alike. If not the same. "Let's go", the first astronaut Yurii Gagarin said once. And what made this first step into the outer space was the beautiful mind of Serhii Korolyov. Without him there wouldn't be neither the first satellite nor the spacecraft, which took Gagarin beyond our world. It was a huge step up not only in technology, but also in philosophy, since humanity was hoping to face the extraterrestrial sentient beings. Tsiolkovskyi and Korolyov compared space exploration with the oceanology, when superintelligence studies the simpler organisms or monitors the Earth dwellers with some apathy. Cosmos and ocean are alike — you never know what is watching you in the darkness. The gentle warmth of dark space and starlight; memories of those who had expectations and felt awe stepping into the unknown; the feeling of victory and the constant presence of Superintelligence — those were the sources of inspiration while working on this project. This collection of prints for posters, postcards or T-shirts was designed for museum visitors, who would like to have a memento, capturing the atmosphere of this place. This project is planned as a donate to this museum for activation of interests development of cosmonautics in Ukraine.