Переможці 2016

Best of

B-8 Concept design (projects that have not been previously put to life)

B-8-9    Eugene Woronyuk

Fravel is a trip planning mobile application. It helps you to look for accommodation and tickets, find best prices and make your trip planning much easier. Application communicates with you as a friend and your personal travel manager. More human interactions. Less forms and unnecessary actions. Fravel asks about your preferences. And make suggestion based on it. Concept is made for purchasing tickets flow as minimum viable product. Further plans are to make flow for booking accommodations. Flow for creating your travel map with places which you would like to visit. You will be able to collect spots where you have been and where you would like to go. And generate travel plan based on collected places. Fravel saves your time, nerves and money. Please, check up the prototype with purchasing tickets flow.