Переможці 2016

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A-14 Student Design

Debut EP "Stratasfera" ("Stratosphere")
A-14-132    Корчевська Олександра

The design of the debut EP "Stratasfera" ("Stratosphere") by Belarusian poet and rapper Vital Ryzhkov. The inspiration for the design of the album were the Soviet postcards about space of 60s and 70s and the works of George Alderete. The idea of the album is based on a play of words "execution" ('strata") and "sphere". In the gloomy verses one may observe the surrealism of the everyday life and yet the ease, combined with numerous metaphors on space. Quotes of the performer: "What if the world is a flash of a lighter in the hands of a little boy?" "You're not a man, but a reed, the clumsy spacesuit of yourself, like an octopus, which took off its shell and fled." The major task was to implement those brilliant metaphors in the design. Some additional techniques were used, including the design of the disc — the star map, where among real Constellations with their historical Belarusian names the titles of the tracks were placed. The Doppler Effect, resulting in the reddish aura of an approaching star and in the bluish of a distancing one, dictated the colors of the design. The trendiness remains owing to a specific manner of illustration, typography and work with popular font types.