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A-1 Corporate & Brand Identity

A-1-55    Олександр Гусаков

At the very first meeting with the client we managed to formulate our assignment in one simple sentence, which was to create a visual image for a brand of children’s clothes that would be in keeping with the brand’s spirit and make it stand out among other brands of children’s clothing. It took us six months to complete the project starting from the first meeting with the customer to the day when the showroom was opened in Kyiv. During this time we developed the visual identity of the brand and the interior design of the showroom, and the client’s team managed to bring it into existence. Ferlioni brand is centered on the atmosphere of celebration and imitating the “adults”, which is so true about children. The elegant character of the corporate identity refers to that of “grand” clothing brands, whereas the color scheme and the selected patterns determine a child-like atmosphere and suggest certain elements in the visual identity and interior space. The name of the brand refers to the image of a lion that is known to children as “the king of all animals”. This gave us an idea to use a crown as the symbol of the brand, and the golden color as a bright accent in the interior design. A re-interpreted crown made of three rays above the letter “i” has become the brand’s logo and can be seen in many other elements as well. The restrained corporate identity is supported by the laconic interior. The space is a background for the bright and colorful clothes produced by the brand. Delicate shades of pink soften the austere white interior, whereas the golden details and wooden textures convey a warm feeling.