Переможці 2017

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B-9 Student Design

B-9-5   Пянида Тетяна

We begin our journey with a question that every artist ask himself: How to express my idea? First, we want you to represent you an introductory interactive map of image composition formal structure. We have developed this map exploring the composition and its interrelation with the idea in the artworks which were created by the world-renowned Renaissance artists. The formal composition occupies a prominent role in the perception of the image. The years of studying the psychology of perception and composite solutions are the basis of the idea expression. At the initial stage of the fine arts studying, it is quite difficult to immediately see the system of the relationships in this interweaving of terms and concepts which are offered to us be the visual patent. With a help of the representing a hierarchy of compositional elements in the scheme, we have facilitated the task of the young novice painter, art critic, illustrator and the viewer to read the elements which reflect the image. We visualized compositional elements in graphic signs for better communication and effective user training. The composed scheme of operations conducting in the context of the composition will help the artist to create the own work with an analysis of the future result, analyze the existing piece of art, and any picturesque canvas. In this project, we turned to the paintings of Rembrandt van Rijn, Jan Havicksz. Steen, Johannes Vermeer and Frans Waltz as the classical examples of the compositional significance. Any user of the site will be able to upload the image and conduct an online analysis. At the end of the study, you can get your circuit and understand the basic priorities of the compositional elements. We visualized compositional elements in graphic signs for better communication and understanding the user. With our scheme, you will be able to answer questions that you ask yourself, for example: Which medias can enhance the expressiveness of the image? Maybe you missed something? You can easily check it! Get a direction to the further search for truth by clicking on your preferred term. We propose references to the sources and useful information relating to any concept. Carry out the analysis of any image and share your knowledge! Hence, all this can be found in Art Structure. Design concept of the web site for Oleksij Luchnikov`s project. ( he is a student)