Переможці 2017

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E-6 Concept design (projects that have not been previously put to life)

Visitor navigation for the Lvivska Square Park (Kyiv)
E-6-8    Агенти Змін

We created navigation elements for the convenience of the park’s visitors. In case of success, these can become a prototype not only for navigation signage in other parks across Kyiv, but also for the city’s overall pedestrian wayfinding system. Stages We studied and researched international experience in the field Interviewed the neighborhood’s residents Examined the ease of the pedestrians’ wayfinding efforts in the area Examined directions and intensity of pedestrian traffic Studied the history of Lvivska Square Determined the points where the signs should be placed Determined the map scale Specified dimensions, materials and colors that would perform equally well in different city surroundings Tested the prototypes on locationWe hope the wayfinding system for the Lvivska Square park may become the first step in the creation of a uniform system for park navigation. A bigger goal is to become a prototype for the future city-wide pedestrian navigation system, since the street information totems we created fully suit these requirements.