Переможці 2017

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B-6 Digital illustration & graphic design

Poetry Book "Essense"
B-6-9    Корчевська Олександра

The idea of design is that it’s built on urban images stand out due to vast number of metaphors connected with plants. This brought up the thought: we look at each other, but we can only guess about each other’s inner world. What is it like? It’s like a garden of unsung songs. We try to find a person we hold a key to, but how can we be sure about them? Only when we find key words we open the inner world of this person and we can decide how to treat them. We set a goal to reach a massive visual picture, to emphasize the opulence of the inner world with the opulence of flora, using muffled but optimistic colors. The main goal was to build a combination of collages, illustrations with lots of flowers, black and white photos and distinct lines. And we successfully did it. The inspiration for the book was illustrations by George Alderete, some old polish posters, Pink Floyd song "Marooned", books and style of imposition of the 60s and 70s, and old soviet botanic encyclopedias. Moreover due to unspeakable nudeness of raging thoughts design helps poetry to show its essence, its undisguised “Sutnist”. The design is unique since it combines collages and line-art illustrations which symbolize the link between tradition and novelty (trend for simplicity; iconic and flat-design are relatively new). Here it is interesting symbiosis of different styles in connection of urban poetry sets up an unforgettable impression and makes you perceive poetry not as something traditional. Also design of this poetry book is innovative because it is also planned to have VR-application.