Переможці 2017

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D-1 Product design

LisLis Toys. Wooden cars
D-1-1    Design studio LIS

islis toys are handmade toys, made of various kinds or wood. They teach small kids to endear the beauty of simple things and conceit starting from their childhood. Our toys are simple and multifunctional in the same time, as the simplicity itself gives an impulse for kid's imagination. A good toy shouldn't be too complicated. This principle can be seen in design, choice of the shape, materials and approach to the production. Instead of bright colors we can see natural wood, complex details are replaced by abstract shapes, automatic production - by manual assemblage. We refused from paint and varnish in the process of designing, as we aim kids to distinguish more nuance things like facture and color of wood. Our collection includes 3 types of trucks in small and big size. These are timber truck, on-board vehicle and a vagon. Each model has its own type of cargo - cube, cylinder and a board, which are interchangable and proportional with each other. Every truck has also a garage, a pouch for cubes, and a string for a kid to carry the truck along. There's also a booklet and an instruction of usage for parents.