Переможці 2017

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D-1 Product design

Unfinished backpack
D-1-2    Образцов Євгеній, Момот Микита

In this project, we tried to rethink approaches of DIY repair of household items by using improvised materials. These practices are widespread in Ukraine since the times of the USSR due to the low quality of things or wear and tear of it. Despite the fact that these practices are marginal, they contain an element of creativity and a kind of aesthetics. The backpack is purposely designed unfinished to give the owner the opportunity to become an accomplice in forming design process, and changing it according to his own desires, while he interacts with the surrounding reality. The fastener of the backpack consists of a kind of toggle and loop. Its function perform replaced objects. For the toggle is provided the polyurethane fastener, designed by us, which tightly grasps any suitable object. For a loop there is a metal ring, which allows you to tie any string, making any convenient knot you like.