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A-4 Packaging design

Molochnyi Dar
A-4-6    Gra Agency

Milk brand from Poltava region The owner of the Molochnyi Dar trademark addressed us with request to develop a logo and package for their products. Molochnyi Dar has been working in the Ukrainian market for 10 years. Over time, the design of the brand has become outdated. To keep the products competitive, the owners decided to rebrand them. The customer needed a convenient design, which would be easy to use. Brand that is close to customers.    The peculiarity of the project is that the product is economical. Plus, the economical sector dictates the rules of the visual image of products. Standing on the supermarket shelf, the product should look affordable to the customer.    Therefore, we have created a modern, simple and user-friendly design. The main goal was to make the product recognizable. When the bottle of milk is visible from afar.   A large, simple and understandable sign on the package is the brand’s specialty. There are always a lot of products on shop shelves, so it is necessary to stand out among the competitors. Such logo is well read from afar and the client will quickly distinguish it from all the others.    The sign also works on brand recognition. People memorize pictures more quickly than names. So, it is easier for customers to memorize our product as “the one in the bottle with a heart”.    The motto “Milk gift. Gives love!” became the logical continuation of the title. It connects the logo with the idea of the brand and makes it integral. This way the brand “speaks” with customers and evokes associations with warm family traditions. Color brand.    To highlight the brand on the shelves, we have added color to the package. We have chosen soft pastel shades for butter – gentle blue, green and orange, which are the colors of the sun-drenched field under the blue sky, where the cows of the “Molochnyi Dar” graze. We have added “juiciness” to the same colors on the packages of spreads and melted cheese. Simple and tasteful.    The brand has become whole and modern. Simple forms make it understandable to consumers and convenient for use by the customer. And the bright concept distinguishes the product among competitors. You will see “Molochnyi Dar” on the shelves of supermarkets from afar!