Переможці 2018

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A-3 Flyers, brochures, prospectus, etc.

The Dot Home & Balin Manufacture
A-3-2    Дар’я Стеценко

The Dot Home is a concept store of design and textiles for the home with local production. Regular and capsule collections of carpets, furniture, accessories, table textiles and bed linen are made of natural materials, mostly flax. The brand feature is the combination of design and art and collaboration with artists and artisans. One of The Dot Home productions is the Balin manufacture — textile company that was founded in 1868 by Asigkrit Balin in a small town Yuzha. Manufacture offers all products of flax processing: flax, yarn and fabrics. In 2016 the renewal of the factory began aiming to transform the historic buildings and adjoining territory into a modern textile cluster equipped with high-tech full-cycle textile machines, residence for designers and educational center. We designed the brochure for these two brands. It consists of separate pages of different color and size which could be joined together with a paper clip or binding screws. The pages contain information about the brands, history of the Balin Manufacture, and description of The Dot Home collection. One of the pages has a tear-off postcard with a photo that could be presented as a souvenir. The last page has areas designed for textile samples.