Переможці 2018

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A-14 Student Design

A-14-21    Гайдукова Марія

When the producer of small concrete tetrapods started this project, he was inspired by Brutalist architecture. For this assignment, I developed the naming and design so that every customer can feel a connection to big brutalist ideas through the small and simple concrete artifact. The name was borrowed from the Hebrew word Undarta that translates as "monument." It turned into a short name UT. It was chosen because brutalist buildings are no longer being built, so we can consider them as monuments. I decided on a black and white color scheme, which perfectly emphasizes the mood of the project. I created graphic elements which consist of columns, as the latter were an essential attribute of Brutalist buildings. In an online environment, graphics can be dynamic. I also put a texture of water on my columns, since tetrapods are a constituent part of breakwaters and interacting with water in the everyday life.