Переможці 2018

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A-1 Corporate & Brand Identity

A-1-24    Qubstudio Ltd

Celentano Pizza is the biggest Ukrainian branch of restaurants that serve pizza and take care of your family parties for already 20 years. Due to this anniversary, it was decided to refresh the brand identity, and in the meantime keep it recognizable among the clients. Pizza is one of the popular food these days. Based on traditions and contemporary needs. Perfectly fit in today lifestyle. To build a new identity we dive into the basic of pizza. The recipes, cooking, history, italianity, it's all the part of the taste. And then we focus on one thing. In any country, in any pizza restaurant, pizza mostly orders at least for two persons. So pizza teaches us to share. Share the meal, the moment, the company, the friendship, the joy, and happiness. A celebration of any occasion.