Переможці 2018

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A-1 Corporate & Brand Identity

A-1-45    Madcats Agency

Brightman is a new Ukrainian law firm, technological consulting, which specializes in cryptocurrency investments. It was created by young, but experienced lawyers who studied and worked in the US and Europe. Brightman does not look like most law firms, dominated by severe lawyers in business suits, arrogantly sitting behind huge wooden tables. Brightman's team conducts a dialogue with client on an equal footing, does not crouch, but also does not demonstrate exaggerated superiority. Creative approach is another advantage. They easily move away from generally accepted rules, generating non-standard ideas for each project. We were looking for the answer to the question, where there is nothing excess? The quest led us to mathematics. Any unnecessary element potentially leads to error or violates elegance. Mathematical formulas are just an example of a laconic perfection that accurately reflects the brand essence. Communication continues the concept — each message is built in the style of mathematical formulas. Such conciseness forms the character of the brand, demonstrating intellect and logic.