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A-4 Packaging design

Rebranding of Handmade Liqueur Chocolates Packaging
A-4-28    iden.team

The history of liqueur chocolate lines "Stolichni", "Queen of Spades" and "Cooper Horseman" from Rivne Confectionery Factory began back in the 60s. The fragile sugar shell of chocolates requires careful treatment and they were exclusively hand-crafted. Interestingly enough, despite the rapid development of technology, the recipe and procedure of their production has been preserved to this day. We decided that it is the privilege of these chocolates. Inspired by the product, we searched across the archival photos and videos of Ukraine of the last century. It immediately became clear that in the package rebranding it is important to emphasize the fact that these chocolates have a history, they honor traditions but still keep pace with the times. We designed the packaging the way that allows a customer to notice similarities with an expensive alcohol package. Therefore, while standing on a shelf with other chocolates, this product will be associated with liqueur chocolates in particular. We shook entire Kyiv when started to work on a key visual - we found the genuine items of the 60s, among which were: "Vecherniy Kyiv" newspaper, issued on December 21, 1960, old vinyl record player, “Salyit” camera, race tickets, a whip (you would never guess where we found it :), "Melody" vinyl records and antique tea set. Some things in this world stay forever, like a changeless taste of these chocolates.