Переможці 2018

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A-14 Student Design

Design of the poetry book
A-14-49    Зотєєва Дарія

Reading poetry is one of the best ways to withstand information noise. That is why the main goal of the project was to create an airy, light book, which in the whole gives a feeling of visual space and naturalness. I wanted to reflect the eternal theme of love in a new way, from the vision of the sixties, and with graphics visualize the experience and feelings of the lyrical hero. The basis of the project concept was the using of natural texture of three main elements: the cross section of the tree, feather and flower. The cut of a tree is like a kind of life chronicle, where all human threads intertwined together and form a lot of unique rings-histories. These life trees tell us the story of a "bird" - a poet who flies so high in his thoughts, and desperately loves the beautiful "flower". The book project is performed in mixed technique. It is a synthesis of hand-made textures, prints from natural materials with the addition of computer graphics, where calligraphic moments are part of the illustrations. The tutor of diploma project is a famous Ukrainian artist Leo Bernat.