Переможці 2018

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A-1 Corporate & Brand Identity

A-1-69    Canape Agency

This project is about rebranding for the food delivery service in Dnepr called «Watatsumi». We worked with an existing brand name, so we decided to continue its oriental character, and created a bright and concise visual style. Graphic elements are simple and expressive geometric forms, that describe an Eastern culture. The logo consists of the sign and the name of the delivery service. The sign is represented by stylized chopsticks for sushi, which form fish silhouette. As the main colors of visual style, we chose blue and red. These colors are well combined with black and white wrapping paper, make good contrast with it and easy to remember it visually. As a pattern for this visual style, we created a series of elements that symbolize fish scales, waves, and different versions of the fish from the logo. The new identity completely conveys the specifics of the cuisine and the mood of Watatsumi food delivery service. We have made accents on colors and unique elements, so customers can quickly identify the brand.