Переможці 2019

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A-12 Concept design (projects that have not been previously put to life)

Logo and Billboard Illustrations for Mykolaiv Zoo
A-12-1    Курмаз Оксана

Mykolaiv Zoo - one of the best and most well-known zoos in Europe, located in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. The history of the zoo comes from April 26, 1901, when the mayor Nikolay Leontovich founded his private collection. Sculpture "Mowgli and Bagheera" designed by sculptor Inna Makushina in the late 70's. XX century. The monument is a recognizable symbol of the zoo and the city of Mykolaiv. Inspired by this sculpture and the desire to improve the city where I live, I created a new logo and two illustrations for city billboards to promote Mykolaiv Zoo. And I believe that this could increase attendance and also become the beginning for big changes in this nice place, which in the future will lead to an improvement of the animals' living conditions.