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A-6 Books design and illustration

"Fire and Fury. Inside the Trump White House"
A-6-2    Видавництво #книголав

The book "Fire and Fury. Inside the Trump White House" was written by an American journalist Michael Wolff on the results of 200 interviews. The book contains such amount of the stunning details that has caused a real furor in the United States and around the world on the first day of the release. The cover of the book is no less frank and impressive. It is based on a portrait of the 45th President of the United States. The designer of the cover Kostiantyn Martsenkivsky added into it the sharp and contrasting visual elements, which make the cover vivid and attract the reader's attention. The Ukrainian cover has become the first and the only in the world different from the original, which was approved by the right holders. Still, no country in the world that issued the translation of a cult book did not receive the right to use its own cover.