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A-8 Promotional, DM and POS products design

Hyundai ‘Modern Premium’ New Year Card
A-8-1    Рекламне агенство "Ясно"

Hyundai brand philosophy stands on ‘creating the new future by ingenious thinking and constant expanding of the boundaries’. Our task was to design and produce a New Year card communicating brand’s idea in ‘modern premium’ style. So we came out with a whole new concept of a presentation material that was much more than a traditional greeting card. It was a gift set of high quality paper elements that were easily assembled into a stylish New Year decoration. The set came in a minimalistic branded envelope. The decoration pictured a New Year tree with a festoon in the form of a mountain road with tiny cars racing on it. The bottom of the festoon contained a holiday greeting. The top of the tree was crowned with a Hyundai-blue snowflake. Through this gift Hyundai wished its clients and partners to reach the top successfully in the coming year. Also it inspired them for exciting interaction, challenging to assemble a decoration by themselves. Final simplicity of the item assembling didn’t come easy for us. The choice of materials and technology development took numerous ‘test drives’ due to which our office was covered with a dense forest of all kinds of paper pine trees. But the result was gained — Hyundai brand received a unique ‘modern premium’ presentation material — creative, thoughtful and caring.