Переможці 2019

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A-12 Concept design (projects that have not been previously put to life)

Colive. Brand development, logo and package design
A-12-9    RAM 360

Zhyvchik is a well established Ukrainian brand among carbonated soft drinks. But still, there is an opportunity, which it cannot but take. Cola segment, with Pepsi and Coca on top, shows the best performance in the category. But Zhyvchik does not have a cola sub-brand within its portfolio. To develop a visual identity, which could nail teenagers’ attention - that is the challenge Obolon company wants us to meet. Cartoon stylistics of Colive’s yellow logo links the sub-brand with its father Zhyvchik. Meanwhile, the background of stickers on the label evokes associations with the key element of social media, which constitute a significant part of teens’ life. The overall stylistics of “creative chaos” underpins the brand essence - Colive helps teenagers to showcase their originality and to get “likes” in social media!