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A-1 Corporate & Brand Identity

Redesign of “Leo. Lviv Municipal enterprise” Corporate Identity
A-1-21    Формусяк Юрій

Lviv Municipal enterprise “Leo” is a veterinary and sterilization center for animals. The enterprise based in Lviv changed a lot from the beginning. So it needed a new identity which shows its values as social, reliable and friendly place. “Leo” had to refuse compassionate image of an animal. Their images of dogs and cats should not cause sorrow and compassion for them. The main goal was to show that animals from shelters are not worse (or even better) from purchased animals. The solution was to combine two visual character of human and an animal (a fingerprint of a human + a trail of an animal). This combination allows to briefly transfer the main message of the enterprise — the harmonious existence of people and animals in the city). The logo can be transformed into other objects, live dynamically and transform to simple forms.