Переможці 2019

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A-1 Corporate & Brand Identity

Dytynology MN “Dobrobut”
A-1-47    ekonomika+

We had to create identity which should help Dobrobut to differentiate from their competitors and communicate their undeniable leadership at pediatric health care services market in Kyiv. We think that if you want to highlight your advantages you need to act boldly. Dobrobut finds a unique approach for every kid and we decided to use this idea in visual messages. We made a full brand repositioning and created bright child-friendly identity with bold copyright “Dytynology: kids health” (“dytyna” in Ukrainian means a “kid’) instead of Pediatrics. Also we came up with the idea to rename the profession of pediatrician to dytynolog. Today “Dytynology: kids health” is a very popular medical service and everyday it increases the number of happy kids and parents.