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A-4 Packaging design

Organic Farm - the packaging of the pomegranate juice
A-4-21   iden.team branding agency

The land of the ruby sunsets. Azerbaijan - the land of mountains, oil, carpets, contrasts and medieval cities. The most tasty pomegranates are born on the top of snow-capped summits, warm sun rays, melodic thrills of the language and with real care about every plant. Exactly, Azerbaijan is the country, where the most juicy plants are born, that look like the sun during the ruby sunset. Goychay is the region where the top-notch fruits are grown and the best juices are pressed. The combination of local gardens, endless plantations and modern technologies creates real organic production. The basis of the brand identity became the process of organic juice extraction where naturality and quality of every fruit is preserved. The logo illustrates the path, which begins from branch and ends with the bottle. The unique methods of ORGANIC FARM on selection and juicing of fruits creates the real treasure - juice that is loved and appreciated by people from all over the world. Our package does not distract from the essential. We did not create the label design, but treated the challenge of package design in general, this was achieved by removing the label from the bottle and making it placeholder for the logo, which is developed in style of linear infographics which reflects the process of juice extraction. Neck hanger - a bright accent of the package, which draws attention due to the unusual form-factor and at the same time identifies the juice - filtered and unfiltered. Just the pomegranate juice and nothing unnecessary.