Переможці 2019

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A-12 Concept design (projects that have not been previously put to life)

A-12-14   League Design Agency

Whiskas is a well-known mass-market manufacturer of cat food. This is a strong brand with 80 years history. The task was to attract an audience with an above average income, avid cat owners, who want sometnig special for their pets. It was also necessary to refresh the design, make it more clean and modern, work out the positioning and communication for Europe and US markets. We've analyzed the current communication and design of the Whiskas brand, the market and competitors. As a result, we preserved the iconic brand color and slightly refreshed the logo, making it more modern. The packaging design of the new cat nutrition line is called Taste Destination. The slogan is "Cat's pass to taste destinations". The main idea is a taste journey. The new line of Whiskas feed is a gastrotour for different and curious cats. Design elements are inspired by the aesthetics of visa stamps and seals. They have their own visual language and uniqueness. The packaging design is also complemented by small shapes that resemble the shapes of cats' food. Taste lines are differentiated by the color marking of design elements. The idea of gastrotour is implemented in the names of tastes and supported in communication, which tells the small stories on behalf of our lovely cats.