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A-2-38   Tough Slate Design Agency

is a space in which a combination of comfort and design provides an ideal working environment. Platforma offers services that help scaling your business faster. It is having lectures and trainings that enable you to acquire new skills on a daily basis and become the best in what you do. Platforma is creating a community of successful people. We propose to develop flexible identity structure, that will bring a strong sense of the brand, but will be adaptive enough to cover all aspects of the evolution. You are free to choose what life you live, what work you do and how you do it. So, the Platforma's logo and the idenity shows the full freedom which co-working could give. The logo is a adaptable letter P, which volume could be filled just with anything — from classic art, to futuristic minimalism — textures, patterns, illustrations, photographs. The symbol is scaling accordingly to the needs and format. It can be stretched infinitely to the right, left, etc.