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A-16 Typography

Misto font
A-16-1   Королевцева Катерина

Misto font is a reverse-contrast display typeface inspired by Slavutych — the youngest city of Ukraine, which was born after the Chernobyl explosion. This city was designed as a contemporary utopia, filled with low scale, five-story houses, unique postmodernist architecture, and tall pine trees. Slavutych is opposite to big cities — it's a small oasis of greenery and serenity. Misto's squat, expansive letterforms draw inspiration from the shapes of the low, wide buildings in Slavutych, which incorporate architectural styles from eight regions of the former Soviet Union. Playful rhythm of diacritical marks and occasional ball terminals contrasted with low oblong counters and decisive thick-and-thin strokes reflects the youthful character of the city. The use of a diacritical mark found on the Slavutych's museum sign is also a direct pointer to the roots of Misto. This typeface was born from a desire to develop tourism and bring life to Slavutych, which has a great cultural potential. Misto font designed to work best in headlines, including logo design, brand identities, websites, packaging and posters. It supports both Cyrillic and Latin versions.