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A-10 Books Design and Illustrations

Illustrated gift edition book “Palm-of-the-Hand Stories” by Yasunari Kawabata
A-10-1    Тетяна Ваврик

“Palm-of-the-Hand Stories” by Yasunari Kawabata has a mystical, magical, and incredible Japanese character, which I wanted to convey with my design for an illustrated gift edition book. In order to fully convey the Japanese character, for the reader to have a desire to dive into the atmosphere of the book, it was necessary to live it, and for this, I needed to go deep into the study of Japanese art, philosophy and culture. And I used all this to create my visual concept for the book. I used Japanese negative space concept, their understanding of day and night, life and death, understanding of aesthetics (like “Mono-no-Aware”), nature, and symbols. An illustration is my main tool for creating this atmosphere. The selected fonts are intended to emphasize the character of the illustrations. The cover supplements the image of the book: the book has an elongated format, based on the traditional Japanese book format called Obon. The unusual design of the binding, applying embossing and applique technique, the selection of paper emphasize the feature of this edition and complete the image of the book.