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Ideal Secrets
A-1-14    LLIWELL

IDEAL SECRETS is one of the biggest event-agency and technical production in Ukraine. The company expanded and transformed into 5 departments: Event management, Technical production, Video production, Brand identity, Event digital. In this regard, we have created a new corporate identity. The company philosophy based on the idea that every department holds its expert area secret of a successful event. Using these secrets together, the company organizes amazing events. The logo represents keyhole, and every department has got a unique key. Key to the secret. The identity based on the symbol font — secret codes of the brand. We created special styles for every department. The characters of the styles correspond to the modules of keys. And a basic font, that includes elements of all departments. So, this identity is extremely easy to use — just as a usual font. As a result, we see the expressive and recognisable design, which carries an encrypted message.