Переможці 2020

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A-1 Corporate & Brand Identity

KASHA playing zone
A-1-15    LLIWELL

Kasha is a playing zone for kids with the most interesting and trendy toys. It's a space, where you can hell around, make new games up and enjoy childhood. This is the main idea of identity and the brand name. Kasha (cereals) in the Ukrainian language is a synonym of the jumble. To emphasize children's creativity, the logo consists of different parts as if it was a constructor. The letters of logo in the volume highlighting the brand and draw children’s attention. The elements of identity look bright on the wall in the interior and standing the brand out from the competitors. For now, this wall is a favorite backdrop for customers to make their stories and selfies. With all identity elements and their messy arrangement, we created a sense of fun and perfect space for children.