Переможці 2020

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E-14 Concept Design (Unrealised project)

Odesa Subway
E-14-1    Solar Digital

We are very confused that there is no subway in Odesa city. From time to time, the government promises to build it, but later in the distant future. Finally, the future tram line in the city has got the name “Odesa Subway”. It’s made things clear: there will be no subway in the city for a long time in the future. That’s filling us with sadness. We began to think out how to change the situations. We’re not constructors nor architects — but we could make some branding. That’s how the ironic idea of ​​branding of non-existent subway grew into a serious project. Results of our viral promo campaign: 100+ publications, 5000+reposts, around 500 000 views/readers. With 0 budget for advertisement!