Переможці 2020

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B-2 Interface & User Experience Design

B-2-8    Qubstudio

TIM is an Israel–based startup for jobs on-demand service. The application helps users to manage their daily routine and save their time. After all, free time is the most valuable resource to spend on loved ones, a favorite hobby or a long-awaited breathing space. So “Say no to the daily routine” is a new life credo that motivates to use the service. Whom will you trust to walk out your dog? Whom will you let into your house? Only those you can rely on. Those you trust. Your relatives, close friends, and Timo. Within the app, users get quick access to create the order of managing important things. They can assign some tasks to others. Our goal was to make this service as clear as possible at all stages of the user journey. Ongoing usability testing with 20+ concepts allowed us to put on users’ shoes, reinvent the general idea, and create a concept that fits an interviewed audience the best. The user doesn’t have to figure it out for a long time — just a few clicks, and Timo is already in a hurry to help! *As a result, you can see UX/UI design of mobile apps. Unfortunately, due to the quarantine, our customer must postpone the development of the app. But, as soon as the quarantine comes to an end, we’ll come back to the development phase and launch the service.