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A-11 Packaging Design

Fathers Wine. Coat of arms generator.
A-11-33    R Agency

Background: Father’s Wine is a real family business. It’s a small winery in Ukraine, founded by a man, whose children now run it. Their main values are simplicity, sincerity and family. Father’s Wine core idea is not to be another fancy drink, but a good basic wine for everyday. Problem: Create a packaging design for a new wine series of a brand that doesn’t want to be another ‘look i’m so heritage’ guy and wants to promote family values. Idea: Create a bright colorful label with a family coat of arms generator that will engage families and bring them together to have fun. Execution: We divided our work in 2 phases: graphic design and coat of arms generator. First, to emphasize that Father’s wine is a good basic wine which secrets are passed down from generation to generation, we created a system of simple geometrical shapes inspired by traditional Ukrainian symbols and filled the whole bottle with it. Then on the back of the bottle we created a field in the shape of a heraldic shield. It’s a canvas for creating your own family coat of arms with a set of stickers that are distributed with every bottle. Those stickers are the same geometrical shapes that we created for our packing design. Families can combine them, give them their own meanings or just have fun. Results: After the launch we got 40000 media impressions without any investment. Art Director - Myroslava Shevchenko Designer - Leonid Nakonechnyi Creative Group Head - Dima Liutyi Copywriter – Viktor Synkov Motion Designer - Olena Shturba Senior Account Manager - Maria Ursta Account Manager - Evgenia Gaydamaka