Переможці 2020

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C-19 Motion Graphics - Advertising Spot

Non Stop Engine
C-19-5    TS/D Agency

The perfect combination: endless energy and a positive impact on the body – suggested the idea of creating a eternal motion engine with precise interactions, without loss in energy quality. Depending on the taste – Original or Jungle – we find ourselves on the night after-party or on the street full of traffic jams. In both cases, NON STOP allows you to be energetic and, catching all moments, resist fatigue and stress. The new concept Original / Jungle is a fight of night and day in the modern metropolis rhythm where the energy always wins. In the urban jungle there is no place for the inert and lazy people, the energy of the city establishes its own laws. The day-city Jungle is for workaholics: from the morning to the evening, they rush through the jungle of communications and negotiations, traffic jams and stress from the yesterday tasks and deadlines. By the evening, this excitements calm down, and the city is breathing deep neon buzz of nightclubs, tireless party-guys, lighted shop’s windows and night squares for romantics and misanthropes. The city is all yours, drink Jungle in full!