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Hundreds of clients reaching digital agencies for site development make the same mistakes. The problem is that agencies and studios have distanced themselves from customers a lot, and the resulting gap creates inconvenience to all market participants. As a result, we get prolonged projects which do not solve the client's business problems, general distrust, and service and market dissatisfaction. We thought we all have an inner child, even the most serious customers. And we decided to teach within the game. Moreover, you are not afraid of making a mistake in the game. Besides, mistakes are your experience! Based on the web project development regulations, we created a game about one project in the manager's life who had to create an online store. The game tells and shows the entire development pipeline, including briefing, commercial proposal, terms of reference, prototyping, design approval, product testing, and launch. At each project stage, the client gets acquainted with the agency’s team members, has real dialogues and different answer options. Besides, the game is backed up by useful questions, that will be good to answer before the start and real documents that will come in handy during the development process. We developed 12 characters and a cat (an integral part of the team) in the 8-bit animated graphics style. As a result, clients started to reach the agencies for site development being more prepared. They understand now what path they would walk together, how important it is to carefully consider decisions and words, and what each stage's approval can affect.