Переможці 2020

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B-11 New Use of Technology & Innovation

B-11-1   ISD Group

PLEASE OPEN THE URL ON MOBILE <3 REVO — an alcoholic energy drink — is well-known among extreme partygoers. Although people still party like thirty years ago in a globally technological world. The aim was to communicate the progressive spirit of the brand, revealing the controversial insight of time: technologically-savvy people vs. old ways of hanging out, multiplied by harsh pandemics conditions. We decided to take the fun of the 21st century to extremes, using mobile access and innovative technology. We`ve come up with REVO kAIf — the first-ever AI, created to hang out hard during COVID-19 pandemics, taught by partygoers. It is the first-ever Artificial Intelligence that speaks Ukrainian. The dataset of party ideas used for the neural network has been created by REVO users from scratch. The neural network processed all the information, using her own logic and specific tase. People access REVO kAIf through the website, and get unique party ideas they could never think of before. The generation can be repeated multiple times, and never be the same. The website interface reveals the personality of AI: uncontrolled extreme energy with technology in the core. The frame imitates the cockpit with a virtual assistant. The conversation with AI can be compared to Matrix: the neural network thinks, shifts between tokens, on some points, acts stupid. On average people spend about 19 minutes in conversation with AI, and over 30% of visitors return to REVO kAIf again. PLEASE OPEN THE URL ON MOBILE <3