Переможці 2020

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B-1 Digital Platforms & Websites design

Live website for “Zhyvinka” yoghurts
B-1-42   CF.Digital

BACKGROUND: “Zhyvinka” is healthy and delicious yogurts that are a source of vitality for the whole family. This brand has received such a slogan due to the living cultures that are contained in yogurt, in other words, microflora. TASK: To create a digital source of information that discloses, what microflora is, how it is beneficial. CHALLENGE: The Danone team sent us a lot of scientific information, similar to a section from a human anatomy textbook about microflora, to be represented on the website. CREATIVE IDEA: We realized that it was a bad idea to display scientific treatises on the website, so we decided to create the world of microflora and give a site visitor a tour around it. EXECUTION: We drew the character of Mr. Good Bacterium. His role is to be a storyteller and guide to the world of microflora. Next, we selected the main theses from the text and displayed them on the site in the form of an infographic. And then we developed the website-journey through the unique world of living cultures. RESULT: Our team created a website on which the user in a matter of seconds receives all the useful information about the microflora and gets to know the brand's product line.