Переможці 2020

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B-10 Experience Design

Museum of Creativity
B-10-1   ISD Group

PROBLEM ISD Group is a digital creative agency driven by data and technologies. We have collaborated with the world’s most creative agencies to produce the most innovative projects: from space rovers to artificial intelligence. We have won hundreds of creative awards worldwide. We have opened our offices in Hamburg and London. However, here in Ukraine still very few people know of our existence and our cutting edge projects. IDEA To tell the creative industry about our expertise we decided to build the first interactive museum of creativity inside the creative head and to invite the whole industry to come and see it. The agency’s 15th birthday party seemed like the perfect occasion. ‘The Head’ is a pop-up museum inside a 7-meter-tall head of the agency's founder and creative director Viktor Shkurba. It weighs 3 tons and occupies 150 square meters with 5 interactive rooms and a bar inside. When entering the Head each guest goes through 'rooms of subconscious' and experiences the unique creative thinking process of ISD Group.