Переможці 2021

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A-10 Books Design and Illustrations

Travel book. Ukraine.
A-10-2    Green Penguin

For centuries, Ukrainian history has been rewritten: Imperial and then Soviet rules distorted the images of our heroes and erased our victories from books. History studies became boring dates memorization, and Ukrainians began to lose touch with their roots. So we decided to give victories back to Ukrainian and challenge the outdated teaching system. Solution: We decided to turn the study of history into an amazing journey: 1,200 amazing facts about Ukraine and Ukrainians. In the brightly illustrated edition, we found not only the most amazing, but also the most important: unique places, cultural phenomena, outstanding Ukrainians and events that changed the course of history and life of every Ukrainian. And finally we achieved the goal: we reached the ministries and in 2020 the project became part of the All-Ukrainian online school.