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A-15 Infographics/Data Visualisation

Gift the Rights
A-15-1    Saatchi&Saatchi Ukraine

Background: Ukraine has seen a 30% rise of domestic violence cases since the pandemic of COVID-19 has started. The “Istanbul Convention” stands up for the human right against sexual violence. Ukraine hasn’t ratified the “Istanbul Convention”. Tension: International Women’s Day is a day to focus attention on women's rights and the perfect moment to start changes. But in Ukraine it’s still a holiday of stereotypically gift cards about beautifulness and flowers as a perfect gift. Idea: “Convention for a Gift” is a project to boost the ratification process of Istanbul convention in Ukraine. 50 pages of convention were transformed into unique gift cards against domestic violence. Execution: People posted cards and tagged ukrainian members of Parliament. People also printed cards, signed and sent them to the Parliament. Result: More than 2 mln of impressions. The discussion involved society and politics. A week later the petition to the authorities of Ukraine was signed. Ratification process has started.