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A-13 Posters

The Ghost City Identity
A-13-6    Saatchi&Saatchi Ukraine

The Chernobyl disaster occurred in 1986. Pripyat and Poliske cities were covered with a strong radiation fallout. Pripyat was evacuated immediately, but Poliske – only 13 years later, in 1999. The government didn’t tell the truth about Poliske, like it didn’t tell the truth about why Chernobyl was blown up. But we brought it to the light with The Ghost City Identity. The world’s first identity for the city where nobody lives. The world’s first identity, which aims to reveal the truth about government lies. The video was shot in an abandoned Poliske. Drones with the LED lights flown over and lit it up. Darkness is a lie. Light is the truth. This confrontation of light and darkness became the basis of the identity. Also we created a unique font based on soviet style guidelines. In 2020 we launched the city's site. People can send us their personal story and help to shed even more light on the truth about ghost city. Now the whole country knew about the tragedy of Poliske. The Ghost City Identity got truth under the spotlights.