Переможці 2021

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A-20 Concept Design (Unrealised project)

Oh My God! (OMG!)
A-20-8    League Design Agency

The dairy-free and vegan products market is fed up with boring brands that talk only about healthy dairy-free life. But people want something really delicious and pleasant. And what do you really say when you finally find a really delicious and safe product? Definitely something like: "OMG, It's dairy-free!" Because whipped cream that is really tasty is like a gift from gods, it is hard to believe in! But it's worth celebrating! We celebrate this in packaging design with a character that illustrates a god of taste and celebrations. Indian masks became an inspiration for the gods' creation process and became a symbol of the gods serving. OMG characters are not similar to people or animals. We found an abstract image that can be clear, fun, kind, and can reveal the celebration essence. For each taste, we've created a separate god. So here we have unbelievable Almond God, fantastic Soy God, inimitable Сoconut God.