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A-10 Books Design and Illustrations

Cover Design for Goran Vojnović novel ‘Yugoslavia, My Fatherland’
A-10-12    Омельченко Тетяна

This Book was published by The Old Lion Publishing House (Видавництво Старого Лева, 2020 року). ‘Yugoslavia, My Fatherland’ depicts the events and the aftermath of the Yugoslavian war as seen by a boy. It’s difficult to understand where is your fatherland and where’s hostile territory in the turmoil of historical upheavals and political conflicts, it’s tough to distinguish a friend from an enemy. And for a boy this becomes an especially tough experience… The visual idea is based on an army toy of the period – an irony for a kid who lost his childhood because of the war. The title is stylized as handwritten by a child defending his country, his childhood and his family.